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2 Day Lash Extensions Advanced

Requirements: Must be  Licensed Cosmetologist and/or Esthetician from your state of practice. Beauty School Students are able to attend the class by providing a proof of enrollment.

This is an advanced class so some lashing experience is necessary. Beauty School graduates may find it difficult however they are welcome to attend the class. Please contact rebecca@beverlyhillsbeautygroup.com to discuss your options!

2 Days of Lash Extensions (Advanced) Class
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This class is meant for lash veterans that are able to lash with accuracy and speed. Volume Lash application has now taken over the industry and this 1 day advanced class is a perfect way to train and get your hands on volume lashes. Learn business building and marketing tips along with this class as a bonus

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What Does This Class Include

Eyelash Shapes for Volume: Master the uses of each lash shape required for this state-of-the art eyelash application.

Volume Application Types: Learn about the never-before-shared methods of Natural Volume, Thickening, and Full Volume Applications. Learn the secrets to creating impossibly thick, soft, and full applications.

Volume Designs: Now you’re ready to put what you’ve learned together to understand the various looks you can design with Volume Extensions. You will learn: Natural Looks, Rounding Effects for small Eyes, Cat-Eye Volume Design, High-Fashion Volume Design, and Doll-Eye Design. Additional lessons on how to determine which look will be best for your client is provided.

2D, 3D Applications: Master simple (yet not commonly known) techniques to create 2D, and 3D Lash Applications. Lessons on adhering lashes properly on natural lashes, stacking (coupling) and creating support capping.

4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D Applications: Now you’re ready for the limelight. These BIG applications stump most lash artists and create the thickest, most enviable looks for your clients.

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