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2-Days Lash Extensions Basic

Requirements: Must be  Licensed Cosmetologist and/or Esthetician from your state of practice. Beauty School Students are able to attend the class by providing a proof of enrolment

2 Days of lash Extensions (Basic) Class $1295 ($500 Deposit and Rest due 1 day before the class)
from 600.00
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This is a hands on Class meant to introduce you in the business of Lash Extensions. Include a business starter Kit value $500



To Sign up for this class a you need to either be a beauty school student or a licensed cosmetologist/Esthetician. Please send us an email and a message below with you current licensing status

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What does this Class Include

How BHBG are different compared to what’s out there

Lash Extensions Morphology and Choosing the right Lashes

The importance of primer and what can go wrong if it’s used incorrectly

         The 2 different consistencies of removers and which situations to use each one

         The importance of using under-eye collagen patches and why you should never, ever skip this step except in this one situation

         The uses and benefits of the straight tweezer

         The uses and benefits of the curved tweezer

3 Simple, Proven Patterns for Full Sets of Lashes that will “wow” your clients

         Checklist of the 6 Most Common Patterning Mistakes All Beginner Lash Artists Make

Following the Client Consultation process is crucial to your success in every single lash application in order to position yourself as an expert, and to ensure the client’s needs are met.

 5 Crucial Mistakes Lash Artists Make During this Process costing them time, money, and credibility. Exactly how to deliver an excellent client consultation (and it’s not simply handing them the form ask asking them to fill it out) Simple Checklist on how to deliver the Client Consultation Expertly

         Supervised by your assigned educator, you’ll gain practical experience applying BHBGes from start to finish, so you’ll be 100% confident when you service your first client

         Practice the Client Consultation Process

         Practice preparing your tools and supplies

         Practice following the Hygiene and Safety Protocol

         Practice Patterning and Customization

          Practice Complete Lash Application from Start to Finish