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Microblading & Microshading


Approved Bloodborne Pathogen Certification

Microblading & Microshading Workshop/Seminar
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The Art!


What is the Hype of Microblading? What are the Legal requirements of becoming a microblader? 

Join us in this 5 days course ( 2 days seminar with live demonstration on a model, Kit Included and 3 days one on one notes, Q&A over direct messaging with the trainer)

This seminar is also an opportunity to join as an apprentice and work in licensed facilities in East Bay where you can hone on your skill under supervision. After you have completed your apprenticeship you are able to earn unto $350 or more per hour.

Includes Business Building Kit ( value of $500)

 Course Topics Include:

Proper set up and break down of work station

BBP Education and Cross Contamination Training

Client Consultation, Informed Consent

Color Theory and Pigment Selection

Facial Symmetry and Balance

Eyebrow Design Techniques-Tools 

Hair Growth Patterns and Realistic Replication.

Correct Needle Selection 

Hair Stroke Techniques: Manual Only

Facial Morphology.

Live and Synthetic Models

Treatment Limitations

Industry Regulation and Discussion of Codes

Business Building Practices

Social Media Marketing

BHBG Support